Dr. Pinnix’s has been treating athletes for over 30 years and is well versed in athletic injuries and how to not only treat them but how to help prevent them.

(And his children and grandchildren have been active in dance, soccer, baseball, basketball, football, lacrosse, bowling, and water polo!)

Dr. Pinnix teaches active and passive stretching techniques as well as proper warm-up activities that are sport specific, and he evaluates technique for each athlete to ensure that they are not contributing to or causing any future injuries. He has taped more ankles and wrists than he can remember. His goal is to get the athlete back on the field as quickly as is safe and to keep them playing throughout the season with spinal and extremity adjustments, stretching, and good technique.

ChiroBus is available to organizers of Baseball Tournaments, Soccer Tournaments, and Dance Competitions for daily or weekend on-site appearances. Please contact us for more details.